Psychoeducational Assessment for Children:

Dr. Maloff provides educational assessments to help identify one’s learning strengths and weaknesses. This is accomplished through both intelligence and achievement based testing. Once a child’s parents and teachers are aware of their learning strengths and weaknesses, individualized educational plans can be developed to help a child to maximize his or her potential in the classroom. Dr. Maloff also uses psychoeducational testing along with clinical observation and assessment to identify ADHD in children. Learning Disorders can be complicated to assess, thus Dr. Maloff utilizes a multidimensional approach to accurately diagnose specific learning problems. Dr. Maloff combines his own clinical testing with teacher’s reports as well as parent’s report of the child’s behaviors across both situations and time. When all data is considered, a definitive and accurate diagnosis of a child’s learning style can be deciphered. After diagnosis, Dr. Maloff provides a report of the results and the ramifications for the child in an easy to read format that can be used by parents and teachers to help give the child their best chance to succeed academically.

Educational Testing For Adults Also Available:

This type of testing for adults can be useful for adults who are in school and may be seeking resources to help facilitate enhanced learning, or for those seeking testing accommodations such as extra time or a private room on standardized testing.  Dr. Maloff has helped adults gain these kinds of accommodations on tests such as: the SAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, State of California Bar Exam,  and all other state licensing professional exams

Forensic Testing:

Dr. Maloff specializes in performing clinical and educationally based assessment for adults and children that can be applied in the legal realm. Dr. Maloff has experience working with attorneys who specialize in a wide variety of law including: Family Law, Special Education Law, Disability, Worker’s Compensation, Personal Injury and Criminal Law.

Clinical Testing for Adults:

Dr. Maloff provides clinical based assessment and observation for adults to help determine or clarify psychiatric diagnoses. This type of assessment can be utilized to help the client to learn about themselves, their personality and their core issues. Clinical testing can help to rule out many disorders that share similar symptom profiles in order to make the most accurate diagnosis possible. This type of precision can be particularly important in the event that a client wishes to pursue a medication evaluation with a psychiatrist. Dr. Maloff also conducts Independent Medical Evaluations, Agreed Medical Evaluations, Qualified Medical Evaluations, and Independent Educational Evaluations.

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