Financial Fear

It doesn’t take a psychologist to notice that Americans today are extremely anxious and on edge. The fear is fueled by the news and media coverage of the poor economy that we are all experiencing. This is a topic on the tips of our collective tongue these days. Naturally it comes up within the therapies of many clients, but I also notice that friends and relatives who never seemed to give much thought to their overall financial state suddenly begin to panic. Certainly more people are out of work today than a year ago, but of all the talk and financial panic expressed by those I know, the vast majority of these friends, relatives and acquaintances are actually not in a financially precarious position. So why the panic?

Humans normally carry anxiety within the deep recesses of their minds, and most prefer to keep it there, outside of conscious awareness. This type of deep seated anxiety is related to our knowledge of our own mortality and the frailty of being just one person in a big world where many of the things we regularly deal with are out of our loci of control. Thus, when much attention becomes focused on a real life crisis such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters and this current financial meltdown, this anxiety that we regularly carry unconsiously actually becomes projected onto the current crisis of the day the way a movie projector displays a film on a blank screen. It is times like these when logical thinking and level headedness become difficult to maintain, and the panic snowballs.

Rather than focus on the TV pundits however to tell us when to be worried and when not to be, it is important for all of us to be able to sort out how much ofour own panic is truly related to the external crisis at hand, and how much of it is connected to the generalized anxiety that many people tend to carry within the unconscious aspects of their mind. Until one can actually identify all of the triggers to their panic, it is very important to hold off on making quick, impulsive decisions to try to reduce anxiety. For instance, it won’t help to make an impulsive financial decision given the current state of the economy when much of one’s anxiety is related to their inner, unexpressedfeelings of inadequacy.

In short, external stressors make all of us much more aware of our feelings of inner unrest. So before panicking about the state of the economy, it actually makes much more sense for all of us to attempt to understand and cope with our internal anxiety. Only after these internal fears are managed can one make any reliable, solid and sober decisions regarding the economy and their own financial situations.

Dr. Jared Maloff

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