Does your child have ADHD? They might have these symptoms.

ADHD is a biological and psychological disorder that impacts a child or adult negatively in several different settings such as: at school, at home, in relationships,  at work etc..

The following characteristics are associated with ADHD in children and adolescents:  Hyperactive, prone to restlessness, often leaves tasks incomplete, easily frustrated, impulsive-acts without thinking, has trouble following directions, talks excessively, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sharing, difficulty taking turns.

If several of these characteristics apply to your child, further evaluation is recommended to determine if ADHD is present.  There are many treatment options associated with ADHD including help to thrive in school academically, and help to thrive emotionally.

Below is a link to access more information about ADHD and Learning Disabilities:

<a href=””>Learning Disabilities Worldwide</a>

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