The 6 Tips of Successful Parenting

1. Be active in your child’s life.

a. Ask lots of questions and take the time to develop knowledge in what your child is interested in.

2. Back up your words with actions.

a. Provide your child with positive modeling that corresponds to what you are teaching with your words.

3. Discipline from a loving and caring place.

a. Children respond to discipline and consequences more easily if they can relate to their parent’s point of view, and vice versa.

4. Use natural consequences.

a. Many times naturally occurring consequences allow children to learn about the world. e.g. “going to bed late makes it hard to get up on time for school”.

b. Parental interference can sometimes rob the child of opportunities to learn on their own.

5. Use logical consequences.

a. Use when natural consequences are too severe or too far off in the future to be of practical use. e.g. “never doing homework prevents an intelligent child from going to college.” Or “smoking cigarettes can lead to health problems far in the future.”

b. Allow consequences to be logically related to your child’s misbehavior in order to make more sense, and allow consequences to be fair. The punishment should fit the crime.

6. Give children appropriate ways to feel power.

a. If parents don’t, children will find inappropriate ways to feel power.

b. Help your child to feel powerful by asking their advice and giving them choices.

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  1. As a parent of two boys, I often struggle with being consistent. However, I really like your suggestion to use logical and natural consequences. Those guidelines really take the pressure off of me trying to be the perfect parent all of the time.

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